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Adventures In a TINTED World

Hey! Alisabeth Von Presley here, Visual Director for TINT. I'm stoked you landed on our website and clicked to check out our blog. We are going to use this medium as a way to share our latest photo sessions with you, express our extremely passionate vision through not just our photography but also the stories behind them. We will have posts about what lenses we use, how we got certain shots, and other fun behind-the-scenes looks into our 'tinted' world.

I'll start off by telling you that I am a bit quirky. As I type this - to my left of me there are three gold statues and to the right - a beautiful white grande piano stuffed with an inflatable pink flamingo and unicorn. My life is anything but normal and I'm constantly surrounded by visual inspiration, that's what stirs my imagination and helps me see things larger than life, magical sorta. The book of YOUR life is the one I want to tell though - open it up and find the page you want to express - and let's make something flippin' awesome together. I am a YES person - I love a challenge - and I adore learning about my clients like they are my family. That way - we are both more relaxed at the shoot, making it so much easier to capture the essence of YOU!

I'm in my late twenties - own a bulldog named Poptart and am a professional singer. I have two albums out - with a third on the way. I understand musician and artist needs because I AM ONE!

I love designing album covers, shooting music videos, and creating images that tell your musical story.

I love chocolate milk. It's my favorite food ;-) Second would be Mac n' Cheese. Third would be anything that has a lot of carbs - and of course, chips. I'm not unhealthy - I just eat what makes me happy. Most of the time it's hardboiled eggs, hummus, and turkey - but when I'm feeling crazy I love sushi, taco pizza, and ice cream. Oh BOY do I love ice cream!

I am madly in love with an incredible guy named Steven. He is my perfect match. I could gush for a lifetime about him - but I'll keep it to this small paragraph - but just know he's the PB to my J.

I accidentally became a photographer about 10 years ago. I was handed a camera at a wedding and told "GO!". I haven't put the camera down since. My true appreciation of photography came from my grandmother. She was always chasing us around the living room with her camera, setting up makeshift backdrops out of tablecloths and archiving some of my fondest childhood memories from her own point of view. I absolutely cherish those photographs now. Life changes so quickly, children grow so fast, and time won't stand still to help you remember it the way you wish you could. That's where photography steps in. It's your memory for all those moments in life you may have forgotten or weren't alive for - your favorite shirt you used to wear in high school - or the way your mom looked on her wedding day. Photograph isn't my job - it's my life. It's your life. It's the preservation of life as we know it. I take photos as a gift to my clients, so they can preserve their memories too just as my Grandma did for us. The tablecloth backdrop will cost ya extra though! ;-) Well - anyways - I've rambled on long enough.

Enjoy the site - check the portfolios out! Heck, you might even know someone in one of 'em!

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